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    1. 1. Medium Priority:
    2. 2. Low Priority:
    3. 3. Completed:

    This is the wikiTracker for the development of the website. Feel free to tackle tasks you see below (regardless of who they are assigned to). Strike out completed tasks and add tasks as you deem them necessary.

    High Priority:

    Medium Priority:

    • Old Bug: Remove DMCA archive warning from Logged-In DJ archive links in favor of WMFO Only Archives 8 weeks message. - Marshall (Check to see if still an issue)
    • Feature: Make popout Now Playing options disappear when one option is selected - Marshall
    • Feature: Can we make the now playing top bar float so that it stays displayed as the user moves around? - Marshall
    • Old Bug: superscript '<sup>superscript</sup>' not working on Archive player page? - Marshall (Check to see if still an issue) This is an antiquated tag and shouldn't be used. It has gone the way of marquee, I think. - M
    • Old Bug: Cleanup Archive Playlist listing (coulmn widths, etc) - Marshall (Check to see if still an issue) I think it looks pretty good. Comments?
    • Feature: Can the Media button expand on mouse over? Alternatively, it may be better to have it always expanded. - Marshall
    • Feature: Add Spinitron info to archive player? - Marshall
    • Feature: Skin Popout Player - Design popout player (main + archive) images and send to Marshall - Alyce
    • Feature: Skin Archive Player - Apply popout images from Alyce to players - Marshall
    • Feature:  'Affiliate' logos - Add small rectangular affiliate logos to the bottom of the site. These logos should link to the home pages of our affiliates. (i.e. Tufts, Rivendell, LyricsFly, Spinitron, etc) - Andy / Alyce
    • Feature: Add Seperate 'Contact us' page or popout that allows users to e-mail us comments without reveling e-mail addresses - Marshall
    • Feature: Add an iTunes Store link (with the logo) for the WMFO iPhone app - Alex
    • Feature: Make the 'questions or comments' link open a separate page (or popout) that instructs users of the various ways to get help. It should have a link to the wiki as well as a link to e-mail the webmaster. It should tell user that if they're going to e-mail the webmaster, they should include info about what OS and browser they are using if they are experiencing difficulties. - Marshall
    • Admin: Test a VPS plan? Speed/load issues? - Marshall
    • New-ish Bug: A white bar appears across the top of the website when logged in. Not a concern to the public. -Max

    Low Priority:

    • Speed - Optimize images, etc for quick page loads
    • Cache - Install cache plugin?
    • Clean up - Remove unneeded plugins, create backup, update plugins, etc
    • Donations - Integrate into new website
    • DJ Tab - Develop in DJ portal
    • Mobile site - make it work (disabled for now)
    • Archive player functionality - Seek to current playback position when switching between main and popout player
    • Calendar tied into concert listings, etc


    • Bug:<wbr>wmfo.wax</wbr> (the windows media stream from the 'listen now' lightbox) returns a 404 error. Testing site artifact? - Marshall I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THIS WENT. Does anyone have an extra copy? -M. I have it and just sent it to you, -A.
    • Feature: can we add social networking icons/contact information/possibly tw33tz to the left or right sidebars? i think if we use understated icons we could pull this off without being tacky, and it'd be nice to have these on the main page - Marshall / Alyce
    • Feature: Add a wiki link to the left sidebar
    • Feature: Make 'Login' link prettier, make it match the other buttons?  - Marshall
    • Feature: There is no post archive sidebar link. Do we wish to add one? With search it may not be necessary. - Marshall
    • Feature: Banner? Are we reserving the right side of the screen for this? - Marshall/Alyce YES
    • Feature: Add a blurb about the Open House to the top main page!  -Alex
    • Bug: Blog/News links do not seem to be showing the correct items each. Behavior should be same as current site.-- Marshall
    • Bug: blog page is empty - Marshall
    • Bug: Posts don't display date or Author except on home page. Can we fix that so they always display (including in searches, etc)? - Marshall
    • Bug: The Pictures media item shows nothing. Plugin/Test site problem? - Marshall
    • Bug: About button does not go to correct page. - Marshall
    • Feature: Add 'How To Register' link to this wiki page: - Marshall
    • Feature: Contact info. We need to either add this to the sidebar, or make a seperate a link to the wiki contact page in the page list. - Marshall
    • Bug: Schedule, Media, and ListenNow links are all broken (they do nothing) in IE 8. - Marshall
    • Bug: Schedule page shows up with tiny boxes on IE/Firefox. - Marshall
    • Bug:  List View for the schedule shows incorrect ordering of shows. In Firefox 3.6.13, unable to scroll all the way to the bottom of the popup frame, making it impossible to view the whole thing. - Marshall  Fixed for my firefox. Can someone confirm this? - M Seems to be working in 3.6.13 -A
    • Bug: The Legal Notice that we had on the old site has been removed. We need to re-add this to the archive pages. The link is currently broken. - Marshall
    • Bug: Clicking on a scheduled show often display the spinitron show list pre-scrolled to the bottom of the screen. The bottom of this screen is often blank, confusing users. Make it always scroll to the top of the playlist list when a show is selected - Marshall Often, how? Can you please describe the context it more detail? -M Can't seem to duplicate it now. I'll send you details if it happens again. -A
    • Bug: Banner won't work on right side - Alyce/Marshall
    • Bug: weird symbols within blog entries where quotes and apostrophes should be - Marshall
    • Bug: "go" search button appears below search box in Chrome (maybe others). Should appear to left - Marshall
    • Bug: Spinitron "Now Playing" button links to incorrect, 404 page. Shoudl link to "" - Marshall
    • Bug/Feature: Author and Date header blocks should only appear on blog and news posts, not automatically generated pages like the archives, media, etc. - Marshall
    • Bug/Feature: Comment block need only appear on blog and news posts, not automatically generated pages like archives, media, etc. - Marshall
    • Modification: Make the Register Link point to "" - Marshall
    • Feature: When logged in, change login link at bottom to two new links Logout and Admin. Logout link shoudl log user out, Admin link should open WP Admin backend page. - Marshall
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