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    2. 2. Previous Webmasters

    The Webmaster is in charge of developing, advancing, and maintaining WMFO's web infrastructure. This includes the development and maintaining of the public website (, the wiki (, and other WMFO web services (streaming, digital archives, DJ portal, etc). The Webmaster reports to the Operations Director.


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    Name Nate Tarrh
    Joined MFO 2011
    Held Since 2012
    Held Until 2013
    Previously None
    Year 2014
    Major Computer Science, Education
    Office Hours By appointment

    Previous Webmasters

    Name Years Notes
    Nate Tarrh 2012 - 2013  

    Phil Tang

    2011-2012 Filled Ops Director Vacancy;
    did not serve second half of term

    Marshall Moutenot

    2010-2011 Elected Ops Director 2011-2012,
    but Resigned Without Serving
    --- New Position Created --- --- 2010 --- ---
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